Tasks FAQ

Q. What is the current version of Tasks?

A. The latest release is 1.24 for Windows Phone 7 and 1.82 for Windows Phone 8.x

Q. I installed an update and now the app won't run?

A. There was a problem with the Update process in earlier Windows Phone 7 versions. Please uninstall the app (tap and hold in your programs list and select uninstall) then reinstall through the Store (you will not need to purchase again).

Q. What limitations does the trial version have?

A. The trial version is limited to 7 days of use. Live Tile updates and Reminders are not supported in the trial.

Q. Why doesn't my start tile update?

A. Prior to v1.15 the app required a network connection to update the live tile. If you are running Windows Phone 7.5 ("Mango") ensure you update to the latest version of the Tasks app.

Q. What servers are supported by Tasks?

A. The application supports Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 and later. The application also supports the Hotmail To-do list and Kerio Connect which is Exchange compatible

Q. How do I configure the app for my hosted Exchange server?

A. A hosted service requires the same settings - Username, Password and Server. Here are some common service settings:-

Microsoft Online Services

Username: your email address

Password: Your password

Server: (USA) red001.mail.microsoftonline.com (EMEA) red002.mail.emea.microsoftonline.com (APAC) red003.mail.apac.microsoftonline.com

Use SSL: Enabled


Microsoft Office 365

Username: your email address e.g user@domain.onmicrosoft.com

Password: Your password

Server: outlook.office365.com

Use SSL: Enabled



Username: domain\username (Domain will be EXCHnnn where nnn is a number)

Password: Your password

Server: check your 4Smartphone console. Will look something like:- west.exchnnn.serverdata.net

Use SSL: Enabled


Outlook.com To-do

Username: Your full live-id email address

Password: Your password

Server: m.hotmail.com

Use SSL: Enabled

Q. Does Tasks support RemoteWipe?

A. Yes this is supported. Your device will have two entries in the administration console - one for the built in Email, Calendar and Contacts and another for Tasks you will need to execute the remote wipe on both.

Q. How secure are my credentials, do you send them to your own server?

A. Your credentials are only used to communicate with your Exchange Server directly using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol just like your Email and Calendar applications. We don’t use any proxy servers or other mechanisms. The credentials are encrypted in the applications Isolated Storage so they cannot be accessed by any other application on the phone. If you change your Exchange password you will need to change it separate for the Tasks application.

Q. How do I edit or delete categories from the phone?

A. A category is deleted when no tasks are assigned to it. Currently the only way to rename categories on the phone is to add all items to a new category and remove them from the old one. This will be addressed in a future update.

Q. My phone says it is successfully synchronised but it is not showing the same state as my Outlook tasks how do I get the phone up to date?

A. If for any reason the app gets out of sync with the server you can manually force a refresh by tapping the Reset button on the Settings page. This will reset all the tasks based on the current Exchange mailbox contents.

Q. I use a Vodafone Germany LG Optimus device set to English, the app shows as “Aufgaben” in the programs list

A. This is resolved in v1.15 and above. You will need to upgrade your phone to Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) to install updates beyond v1.10.

Q. Microsoft have recently announced an update for Windows Phone for Copy/Paste, does your application support this?

A. The application currently supports Copy/Paste in all editable textboxes and the ability to Copy from the task notes.

Q. How can I shared the details of a task with another person from my phone?

A. On the individual Task screen there is a menu option "Send status report" this will construct an email with the current status of the task which you can send (Not available in the Trial).

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